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By professionally verifying your company's documents and facilities, we eliminate concerns across the complex supply chain and build the confidence of buyers in doing business with you. This service also includes an expert review report on your business and a video of your facility in English.

Tradegood helps you develop trust through a series of verification services:  

Supplier EvaluationMembership certificate 

We issue a Tradegood Membership Certificate to every verified member, which proves you are a trusted supplier and helps win buyers’ confidence.

Supplier EvaluationDocument verification 

Tradegood verifies company documents and certificates, including business licenses, business-registration certificates, and certificates from third-party certification bodies, etc. It enables you to become a trusted partner, not a faceless vendor. Moreover, a ‘verification mark’ will be added to every piece of information verified. This helps eliminate concerns and builds the confidence of buyers.

“Business done right” is Tradegood’s philosophy. Under this principle, every piece of information is verified against data validity, consistency, credibility, accuracy and authenticity. It maximizes the reliability of information and ensures all parties across the supply chain can work together effectively and get their business done right.

Supplier EvaluationOnsite profile validation 

Tradegood provides an onsite profile validation service, which helps to eliminate concerns across the supply chain and ensure suppliers’ achievements can be showcased through a comprehensive profile. In Tradegood’s online platform, all verified information is marked with the Tradegood verification mark which shows buyers what information has been verified and enables them to make confident decisions in the sourcing process.

Supplier EvaluationExpert review report 

supplier evaluationTradegood’s professional team issues an expert review report on your corporate information and capabilities, thus giving overseas buyers an in-depth understanding of your business.

Supplier EvaluationProfessional facility video production and verification – 3 mins with English voice over 

Filmed and produced by Tradegood’s professional crew, the 3-minute professional facility video service includes on-site video shooting, spokesperson interview, display of product pictures and certificates, post-production with English voice-over by native speaker, and editing. The video enables you to showcase your company’s strengths to global buyers efficiently and effectively, maximizing your exposure within a short time frame.

  • All-round showcase of corporate capacity and compliance
  • Market your strengths clearly
  • Professional English video helps your business expand overseas
  • Tradegood’s verified mark for increased buyer confidence

The service includes:

  • Production of a 3-min professional facility video
  • Spokesman interview
  • Display of up to 10 product pictures and certificates
  • English voice-over by native speaker
  • Post-production and editing

Take a look at our sample video. 

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